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04:48pm 22/10/2009
In all honestly I'm updating because I wanted to divert myself from studying for History ; - ;
Procrastinating has turned into a vicious habit again. :(

This weekend was fun.
There was a Formal event in which my boyfriend and I dressed in a Steampunk variation!

Redgie and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the 15th!
I spent that day studying for a test that fell on the 16th. Unfortunate timing, but it's alright.

I'm also beginning to really feel what it's like as a "broke college student" :(
It's somewhat agitating, how I barely have any money because all of it goes to gas.
I really do hate having to drive so far, I sort of hate not having a job too.

College sometimes makes me depressed, I feel like I should have taken more hours because I have so much spare time and majority of it is being wasted away. I just need to get myself to shape up I suppose.

I hope everyone is doing well ❤❤❤

mood: draineddrained
music: Forever - Drake
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