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Come out and play ❤  
10:00am 29/12/2009
I haven't been on lately because of college. But it's winter break now ❤
My favorite gift for the Holidays was a 1.5inch curling iron! It makes lovely loose curls.

Since it's almost New Years, I back-tracked and found my NY Resolutions for 2009
I think I followed some. But for this year, I decided I won't make any resolutions.
Instead I suppose I will just act on impulse, which is what I end up doing every year anyway.

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05:30pm 29/12/2009 (UTC)
maybe that's the right thing to do ,
because almost everyone forget about their resolution in the middle of the year xD (or maybe it's just me)

but anyway , i love making new year's resolutions :3
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10:41pm 29/12/2009 (UTC)
Haha yes that's exactly like me too! Once January ends I will have completely forgotten about my New Years resolutions! XD
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05:35pm 29/12/2009 (UTC)
I've set myself some New Year's resolutions, but ones I know that I'll follow, so loosing weight and putting more effort in at work. They're quite easy things to forget about I think unless you keep reminding yourself about them~

Are your curls in your picture made with your new curling iron? They're gorgeous! Also, where did you get your dress? It's a beautiful colour and I love the details.
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10:45pm 29/12/2009 (UTC)
Ahh yes, that's true ^ - ^ I think the problem with me though is I get increasingly lazy. It's just sad ;_; haha ♥

No the curls in my picture are from another iron curler, it's a lot thinner. My new iron curler makes suuuper loose curls, I guess it might almost look like waves from far away. Hehe but thank you! I'll post a picture soon of how my new iron curler curls hair :33 I also bought my dress from a store called Forever21! ♥ ♥
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06:40pm 29/12/2009 (UTC)
I almost never follow through on my resolutions, so I might just make them on impulse too! Maybe I'll actually remember them then. ^^ Your dress is gorgeous by the way!
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10:47pm 29/12/2009 (UTC)
Lol! That's what I'm hoping will happen to me! XD hehe and thank you!♥♥
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12:32am 30/12/2009 (UTC)
♡♔ νεяч αιмεε ♔♡: ♡ can you keep a secret?
I stopped making resolutions last year too XD I decided, that as long as I improve myself and am happy then I don't need to follow any guidelines :o
picword: ♡ can you keep a secret?
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12:47am 26/01/2010 (UTC)
T: artwork::belle&boo
so cute! I havent made any resolutions either because I never keep them. I think they jinx me haha. I hope your new years was fun!

Edited at 2010-01-26 01:25 am (UTC)
picword: artwork::belle&boo
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