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Hello...anyone? ;o;  
07:34pm 16/04/2011

I haven't updated LJ in a little over a year I think. That makes me kinda sad because I use to update pretty frequently and I'd have a place to dump on my cellphone pictures.

I think I still am in contact with a lot of you on tumblr and twitter ^_^ But if anyone wants to know a few of my links here they are:


Feel free to add me in anything!
Anyways, as for an update on me...hm. I'm still the same I guess. I'm 20 years old now D: I still feel (and am still treated) like a child. When I was younger I'd imagine that by age 20 I would be out of my house and living in a nice apartment somewhere n__n...hmm...wishful thinking. Gotta find a good paying job and save up in order to fulfill that dream!
School has been consuming most my life and I also most regretfully admit that my GPA this semester is not going to be "AMAZINGGG" :/ Eh. It gets me depressed thinking about it so let's not even go there.

Aside from school everything has been alright.  I've made several new friends from anime conventions! This past Anime Matsuri I was in the maid cafe again (4 years in a row!) and since it was more of a legitimate cafe/restaurant theme I was forced to actually interact with other con-goers XD I made a lot of new friends that way so it wasn't as horrible as I initially expected it to be!

I'm still with my boyfriend, Redgie, of 4 years now. I still am not use to calling him my "longtime boyfriend" heh heh...idk. It's been really nice ^__^. He lives in Austin now though. When I use to update a few years back he was living in Dallas. I'm use to the distance...but I do admit to feeling lonely a lot. Especially at church, but I just deal with it ♥
Here are some recent photos!
Most recent. I've been into "Rocker girl" gyaru style lately...eh still experimenting.

Working on cosplay stuff before Anime Matsuri last month! I made Yoko (gurren lagaan) hair clip, and Shinigami skulls (soul eater) with my extra fabric ^^

Redgie and I :)

I think appearance wise, the only thing that has changed about me from when I use to update more is the amount of eyeliner I wear :P lmao I don't wear as much as I use to. If anything I only put eyeliner on my top eyelid now. They look a lot smaller -sniffle- but I'm learning to accept that hahaha. I use to be obsessed with having large eyes! Now I only do my make up that way when there is something special. Now I'm too lazy to get all detailed with makeup >o<
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02:35am 22/04/2011 (UTC)
i feel like as you get older you put on less makeup.. i mean, id on't even put on foundation unless it's a special day! (i use to pile make up on) and my clothes got simpler too!. I feel sad, but i think the past me had way less stress, responsibility, and worries and can spend more time indulging in myself. do you have a tumblrrr (ending this in a sentence that came out of nowhere)
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04:09pm 22/04/2011 (UTC)
Ahh you are so right >_< The stress plays a huge a factor, can't dedicate all efforts into appearance anymore. It really is sad to think of it that way :( And yes!! I do have a tumblr! I forgot to add it on that list, but here it is: http://www.niachu.tumblr.com

What's yours? :D :D
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