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12:21pm 19/01/2026

FRIENDSONLYBANNER-1.gif picture by xdolly

Here's a meme for your enjoyment ~ feel free to take ^ - ^ ♥♥


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Sales Post  
07:32pm 27/05/2014

Hi, just trying to make some space in my closet.

Selling Asian-fashion-esqued clothes; Dresses, rompers, skirts, blouses, purses, shoes, etc. for very cheap.

Also selling some rare clothing I bought while in Japan or from Bonne Chance Collections.

Please take a look ~

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Hello...anyone? ;o;  
07:34pm 16/04/2011

I haven't updated LJ in a little over a year I think. That makes me kinda sad because I use to update pretty frequently and I'd have a place to dump on my cellphone pictures.

I think I still am in contact with a lot of you on tumblr and twitter ^_^ But if anyone wants to know a few of my links here they are:


Feel free to add me in anything!
Anyways, as for an update on me...hm. I'm still the same I guess. I'm 20 years old now D: I still feel (and am still treated) like a child. When I was younger I'd imagine that by age 20 I would be out of my house and living in a nice apartment somewhere n__n...hmm...wishful thinking. Gotta find a good paying job and save up in order to fulfill that dream!
School has been consuming most my life and I also most regretfully admit that my GPA this semester is not going to be "AMAZINGGG" :/ Eh. It gets me depressed thinking about it so let's not even go there.

Aside from school everything has been alright.  I've made several new friends from anime conventions! This past Anime Matsuri I was in the maid cafe again (4 years in a row!) and since it was more of a legitimate cafe/restaurant theme I was forced to actually interact with other con-goers XD I made a lot of new friends that way so it wasn't as horrible as I initially expected it to be!

I'm still with my boyfriend, Redgie, of 4 years now. I still am not use to calling him my "longtime boyfriend" heh heh...idk. It's been really nice ^__^. He lives in Austin now though. When I use to update a few years back he was living in Dallas. I'm use to the distance...but I do admit to feeling lonely a lot. Especially at church, but I just deal with it ♥
Here are some recent photos!
Most recent. I've been into "Rocker girl" gyaru style lately...eh still experimenting.

Working on cosplay stuff before Anime Matsuri last month! I made Yoko (gurren lagaan) hair clip, and Shinigami skulls (soul eater) with my extra fabric ^^

Redgie and I :)

I think appearance wise, the only thing that has changed about me from when I use to update more is the amount of eyeliner I wear :P lmao I don't wear as much as I use to. If anything I only put eyeliner on my top eyelid now. They look a lot smaller -sniffle- but I'm learning to accept that hahaha. I use to be obsessed with having large eyes! Now I only do my make up that way when there is something special. Now I'm too lazy to get all detailed with makeup >o<
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In the Summertime  
05:17pm 19/07/2010
 It has been awhile since I have updated! This is my first post of this year ^_^

Anyways I have been on my Summer vacation for almost a month now.
Not too eventful, but the highlights of my Summer so far are:

  • San Francisco (Cousin's birthday)
  • A-kon 21 in Dallas
  • Miyavi: Samurai Black Tour @ House of Blues Houston
  • San Francisco (again) for a day :D
Here are some recent pictures:

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music: Summertime - Rural Alberta Advantage
tags: summer
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Come out and play ❤  
10:00am 29/12/2009
I haven't been on lately because of college. But it's winter break now ❤
My favorite gift for the Holidays was a 1.5inch curling iron! It makes lovely loose curls.

Since it's almost New Years, I back-tracked and found my NY Resolutions for 2009
I think I followed some. But for this year, I decided I won't make any resolutions.
Instead I suppose I will just act on impulse, which is what I end up doing every year anyway.

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What should I scream for? This is *MY* theme park.  
04:48pm 22/10/2009
In all honestly I'm updating because I wanted to divert myself from studying for History ; - ;
Procrastinating has turned into a vicious habit again. :(

This weekend was fun.
There was a Formal event in which my boyfriend and I dressed in a Steampunk variation!

Redgie and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the 15th!
I spent that day studying for a test that fell on the 16th. Unfortunate timing, but it's alright.

I'm also beginning to really feel what it's like as a "broke college student" :(
It's somewhat agitating, how I barely have any money because all of it goes to gas.
I really do hate having to drive so far, I sort of hate not having a job too.

College sometimes makes me depressed, I feel like I should have taken more hours because I have so much spare time and majority of it is being wasted away. I just need to get myself to shape up I suppose.

I hope everyone is doing well ❤❤❤

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music: Forever - Drake
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♪ Little Princess in a terrible mess 。。♪♪  
01:32pm 21/09/2009
Not too long ago, I dyed my hair a darker color ; - ;
I used Palty's "Bitter Cappuchino", and it came out something like this;

It's been a few days I think, I'm getting a little use to it.
I'm definitely not keeping it though :| Maybe a little lighter than this will be nice.

I haven't been on LJ lately because of school ; - ;
College is alright I guess. I mostly keep to myself unless I find someone nice to talk to.

I bought these cute rainboots!!
Hrm...LJ is uploading my pictures quite small, but the rainboots are pink with white hearts!

Here are some photos I took before I dyed my hair :3

I made this big red bow! It's about 15inches wide ^D^ and a drawing of meeee haha I love it * - *

I'm working with Redgie to coordinate a somewhat (toned down version) of Steampunk Lolita to wear to a Formal coming up.  So far my coordinate is coming out a little too "vampire-like" ; - ; I want our colors to be blood red and black, so maybe that might be unavoidable. But perhaps if I just add more bronze type jewelry it should be okay.
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music: My Oh My - Aqua
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A television to replace my ❤heart  
11:06am 28/07/2009
These are fake glasses I bought from my work before I quit! :3
I also watched Mini Moni music videos all day, this hair was inspired from them! ☆

I made a tumblr account!


I blog there everday about things too inane to post here :3
It's really fun! ❤
Although I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly, I just blog. 
But there are other functions like reposting . . . I don't really understand how that goes.

I went on a sewing binge and made a dress to wear for a special occasion for my church!

here's the half-arsed sketch on the back of old notebook paper XD

I made it in exactly 2 days * - * It was a little frustrating, in all honesty I hate sewing :/
I also made this dress without measuring properly >.< I lost my measuring tape so I did everything by eye.
Very unproffessional COMPENSATIVE! haha. hehh v_v

and now here's the dress with the coordinate ☆

It seemed more Gyaru styled than lolita when worn.

Too bad none of the pictures I took at church came out nicely :(
There's no clear shot of the dress, there's always something going wrong with it.

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You've got a smile that could light up this whole town♪ ♪  
11:41am 02/07/2009
The weather here in Houston has been terrible.
It is so bloody hot outside, I don't even want to leave my house :(

Anyways, I finally put in my two-weeks notice for Claire's.
I've had it with that awful company and their next to nothing pay.

I do admit however, that I will miss the 50% discount off their cute items ; - ; OH WELL!

My family and I went to Long Beach, California last week.
I got to visit relatives and go to Knott's Berry Farm with my cousins.
Then the next day, my family and I went to Disneyland ❤

NIA! haha that's my name ^D^❤
I always take a picture by the California sign, where it's my name :)

Our stay was just for a weekend though.
Now my parents are in Hawaii right now, they'll be back tomorrow.
I get the whole house to myself ^D^

I'm happy this summer I get to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend ^ - ^
Its so nice to be able to see him whenever I want  I best not get use to it though ; - ;
He'll go back to school in Dallas and I won't see him again :(

Oh, I got this new Dior poster, my mom got it for me from her work.
It's huge!

compared to my bed.
I don't know who that model is though, I've seen her in Vogue magazines,
of course modeling for Dior. I wish I knew her name, she's beautiful!
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You are the circle, I am the square♪ ♡  
10:14am 18/06/2009

I finally got the chance to mess around with the black wig I ordered awhile ago!

Really dark black hair is my natural hair color.
I couldn't remember myself with black hair, so I bought a wig! ❤

more pictures with my black wigCollapse )

I want to cosplay both these characters too; Mio Akiyama from K-on and Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo


Since it's been Summer, I've been lazy when it comes to fixing my hair.
I just keep it like this, wild and untamed! * - *

My mom calls it beach hair! >_<
Flash/No flash, I never paid too much attention to how bright my hair is now compared to how it was naturally.
Hmm. I sort of miss my black hair, I would look different if I dyed it back.
I sort of don't want to just yet :(
I've had black hair all my life, and honestly, I find it quite boring.
BUT THAT'S WHY I BOUGHT A BLACK WIG ^D^ Haha, can't have it all, right?
I'll settle with my black wig and keep my hair color now ^ - ^❤

My boyfriend and I also went to go watch UP!!!
It was a cute movie, although I didn't cry, which is strange.
During the beginning of the movie Redgie was in tears! * - *
I usually always cry in movies, but for some unusual reason, I didn't.
It kind of annoyed me how people (a person in particular) said "oh, EVERYONE cried in Up"
That's not true at all. :| Oh well.

After we went to go eat sushi in the mall, it was delicious ❤

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music: Decipher Reflections from Reality - PlayRadioPlay!
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